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“I said YES to dental implants…”

Instead of a traditional bridge, I chose a dental implant and it’s beautiful and I know it will stay that way. The procedure was a snap and I know I have the best tooth replacement available.”

With implants, there’s no need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth. The implant acts as a root to help prevent bone deterioration and delivers long lasting function and beauty.

Traditional bridges will eventually lead to bone loss under the unsupported tooth. This can result in an unattractive dark space at the gumline. Your dentist will discuss with you if dental implants are the right solution to meet your needs.


1. PLAN – Your implant team plans your case to ensure the best outcome.

2. PLACEMENT – The specialist places the implant and forms the gum tissue esthetically around the implant.

3a. HEALING – The bone around the implant grows onto the implant for several weeks.

3b. TEMPORARY – If the implant is in the front of your mouth, where it is noticeable, a temporary tooth-like restoration can be put into place during the healing period.

4. PROSTHETICS – When healing is complete, your restorative dentist removes the cover screw and places the abutment. An impression is taken and the final crown is ordered from the lab.

5. FINAL CROWN – When the final crown is returned from the lab, the temporary is removed, and the final crown is put into place.


Don’t require grinding down healthy adjacent teeth to anchor the bridge
Help to prevent bone loss
Help keep other teeth from shifting out of place
Help keep your bite correct
Help prevent wearing on remaining teeth
Help prevent changes in your facial structure
Look beautiful and are a permanent solution
Simply help you enjoy life MORE FULLY